52 things I wish I knew before I started to diet

52 things I wish I knew before I started to diet
1. Not eating when you’re hungry is the first step to a fucked relationship with food

2. Calorie King = Calorie Crack

3. Don’t buy scales

4. Don’t eat breakfast unless you’re hungry

5. Crying in the gym means you’re pushing too hard

6. Leave some food on the table for the angels

7. Don’t eat anything you don’t completely adore

8. If you are pooping then all is well

9. If your skin is saggy then you might be too thin

10. If you don’t eat enough you won’t feel like sex

11. No one notices +/- 5kg

12. Lifting weights will change your shape and size (but not necessarily your weight)

13. The only supplement you need is fish oil

14. If your jeans are too tight, buy some new jeans

15. Listen to you body, not to a book

16. Walking and swimming count

17. If your nails don’t grow then you’re not eating enough

18. Love what you see

19. Life is too short to be miserable now in the hope of being happy some time in the future

20. You get what you expect

21. No one pays attention to you at the gym

22. Don’t binge in your pyjamas

23. The answers aren’t on the internet

24. Sex counts as exercise

25. Manipulating water, potassium and salt can give you a heart attack

26. There is no point having abs if no one gets to see them

27. Cellulite and stretch marks are battle scars to be proud of

28. When the gym receptionist knows your name you’re officially an athlete

29. If your tailbone digs into the chair then you are too lean

30. Bingeing is a cry for help not punishment

31. Love is the opposite of fat

32. Boobs and butt are better than bones

33. Everyone looks great naked through the eyes of love

34. It’s just fat for fuck’s sake

35. Small changes add up

36. You could be a hell of a lot worse off

37. If you restrict you will binge

38. My body deserves understanding, not cruelty

39. Chocolate eaten with love is better for you than carrots eaten with stress

40. Comfort eating should give you comfort

41. You can’t BE fat, you can only HAVE fat

42. Food shouldn’t be your only naughty pleasure

43. Red wine rocks

44. Your arse looks fantastic in those jeans

45. The media makes healthy seem overweight

46. You can do, have and be anything you want

47. Don’t take it all so seriously

48. Sometimes one bite IS enough

49. When your heart beats faster for any reason you’re burning calories

50. We don’t need to all look the same

51. Yes you can have it all

52. When we are inspired we truly live life


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Any more suggestions? What’s your favourite?

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22 thoughts on “52 things I wish I knew before I started to diet

  1. Taking your body to extreme levels of leanness fucks your hormones.

    Bingeing on pizza, fries and chocolate is no fun unless you have your best friend there doing it with you 😉 LOL

    Australian clothing sizes are completely fucking all over the shop so don’t worry about what size the tag on a pair of jeans says. (I bought size 9 today but am so not a size 9 – whatever the fuck that is anyway).

    Men find confidence far sexier than the size of your body.

    You can NEVER be the same weight (on a scale) day in, day out. Scales are for fish!

    I could probably go on forever but duties await.

  2. Food is also here for our pleasure. Stop ruining that pleasure by talking about the fat and calories.

    If this were my planet it would be a clothing optional one. (well you know, winter time you might need a coat) I think all women look wonderful naked. No matter what size.

    I have size 12, 10, 8 and 6 in jeans and they all fit. One brand, a size 2 was still way to big…..who are they trying to fool? I find it very sad that women are judged on these sorts of numbers. Why not judge us on how many smiles we bring to someone. How much we laugh during the day.

  3. I love #33 – we all look great naked through the eyes of love. I also love Shelley’s – that men find confidence sexier than the size of your body. Great post today. Thank you!

  4. Number 4! While I do believe it’s important for our bodies to have fuel with which to start off the day, if you aren’t hungry, eating is only going to make you feel sick. At least it does me! Which is why I don’t have workday breakfasts but snack on yoghurt cups all morning until lunch.

    – Dieting is not the answer, it’s only a temporary change. Once you stop, so do the changes, and old behaviors continued will bring back the pre-diet body.

  5. Nothing to add, but love the list!!! Life is so much better when you aren’t following a plan…

  6. Katie, this is fantastic! I’m so taking some of these and making info graphic out of them. Mind if I share them in a podcast?

  7. This post is amazing. I wished that I knew dieting is a way to keep one’s self small. Dieting/Losing Weight is NOT the most important thing about one’s self. I wish I knew that Dieting/Losing Weight doesn’t make you interesting, and when I talk about it…. it’s boring!!!! I wish I knew back then that my body size is NOT an indicator of my levels of health.

  8. I was enjoying pinterest until I started reading your 52 things. I liked pinterest because I found it to be a place without profanity. I find you using the f-bomb to be very offensive. what do we expect from our young ladies? We can be a better example.

    1. Dear Elaine

      If you are offended by profanity, then this isn’t the place for you. We are obviously not meant for each other.

      All the best.

  9. Can I just add: It’s ok if you’re skinnier than everyone else, even though you eat more than everyone else. We come in all sizes from small to large.

  10. Never never never eat whilst doing something else (TV, Mobile phone, reading a book etc).

    Give it your full attention and stop when you feel full.

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS. Thank you so, so much.
    I really needed this today. I’m almost at my goal now – well, are we ever? -, but still struggling a bit with THOSE. DAMN. COOKIES.
    So yeah, today I will forgive myself, and even better, be proud of myself, because, after all, “I could be a hell of a lot worse off”.
    Thank you <3

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