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In this small corner of the internet, we believe all women are beautiful, interesting, important and sexually empowered to live however we want. We are too young to know better and old enough to not give a fuck.

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Dissolve Wide Open

live completely know your deepest purpose give the gift you were born to give enjoy sex as a cosmic portal into love’s wonders serve your…

Missing You

my wings turn to lead when we’re apart without you I have no-one to cradle the moon to sleep when I cannot taste your warm,…

Sometimes I Feel Like Alice

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhoKVRYYubw[/youtube] Sometimes I feel like Alice In a Wonderland chasing rabbits Cheshire cats and mad hatters A better world, well, it don’t really matter Well…

Shall We Dance?

Life is just a dance between pleasure and pain. If you ignore pain, it doesn’t go away. If you try to heal pain, there’s still…

Rest in Peace

There are no words to describe what happened in my world yesterday. It is perhaps all too soon for this, but my blog has saved…



At the beginning of the day
Warm breath and cool skin
Blue eyes pools of light

All For One and One For All

We are not only “evolving” our Selves, we are “evolving” the entire human race. What we are doing, we are doing not only for us,…

So Much Hope

There is much that has been said about falling in love. It is the stuff of songs, poetry, movies and novels. Yet there is a…