All For One and One For All

We are not only “evolving” our Selves, we are “evolving” the entire human race.
What we are doing, we are doing not only for us, but for every other living member of our species.
What we are going through, we are going through not only for us, but for all other people. We are creating “memes,” we are producing data, we are sending information into the pool of collective consciousness from which every sentient being extracts its knowingness.
~ Neale Donald Walsch


It is a wonderful thought that everything we do for ourselves contributes to the collective consciousness of all of humanity. No longer is making your primary goal to take great care of yourself perceived as being selfish or self indulgent.

When you feel the rush of endorphins after an early morning run, when you enjoy the succulent flesh of a ripe peach, when you lie in the arms of someone you love, you are not just doing it for yourself, you are changing the experience and the texture of every other person in the world.

The souls of our entire species can feel your joy, your pleasure, your ecstasy and your love and it transforms them too. It softens the edges of your relationships with those you know in the flesh and with those whose names you will never know but feel moving through you on a cool clear autumn night.

When you are moved to tears from happiness, the world grows a little. And when you are stranded at the edge of the abyss, you can reach for the experience of your fellow travellers, knowing that others have survived and left a roadmap for you to follow.

You are never alone. You never do anything just for yourself. Each and every moment is intricately entwined with the consciousness of the whole of humanity.

The Universe appears a little brighter, because you have made it so.

Take a deep breath and inhale the world …

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