5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Masturbation

Benefits of masturbation
Masturbation has huge positive benefits for women. Every woman is different when it comes to taking care of business. Whether you bring on a climax by using a vibrator, your hand, or a balled up t-shirt, it is all fine. Some women need penetration to climax and some need a good dose of friction. You might insert or you might rub. Don’t worry about looking sexy or doing it “right”.  All you need to worry about is how you feel!

Here are 5 reasons to lock the door, grab some steamy erotica, or fire up your imagination. Masturbation has physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits that will curl your toes and improve your well-being.

1) Lower Your Stress Levels

Masturbating lowers stress hormones. This is reason enough to indulge. Carrying too much stress can cause a multitude of physical problems, such as higher blood pressure, gastrointestinal distress, disrupted sleep patterns, and migraines.

By lowering your stress levels, you set a holistic chain of events into action. Masturbating regularly can make you feel calmer and more centered, and it improves your health.

2) Sleep Better

A routine of regular masturbation can help you get more sleep, and that will sleep will be deeper and better quality.  Masturbation releases tension and pent-up energy, and orgasms are physically exhausting. This, along with those lowered stress levels, will help you get a great night’s rest.

3) Get To Know Your Sexual Needs

What turns you on? What brings you to a powerful climax? Do you need a long time to ease into the mood? Do you prefer direct clitoral stimulation? Or does it feel better to stimulate the area around the clitoris?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, your partner will not either. By spending time experimenting, you can learn more about your own needs. Knowing what you want is key to a healthy sex life.

4) Less Shame and More Confidence

There tends to be a lot of shame around masturbation (especially female masturbation). Women who push through this puritanical notion come out on the other side more empowered and confident. They know what they want, and they know they are deserving of pleasure. Masturbation is the ultimate self-care.

5) It Feels Good

Is there any better reason to masturbate? We can talk all about how it releases dopamine and lowers stress hormones, but at the end of the day, it just feels awesome. There is no sensation in the world that can top the orgasm. Orgasms feel better than any other physical sensation, and you deserve to have them as often as you want.

The mind-blowing benefits of masturbation >> click to read more about sex, relationships, orgasms, intimacy, dating and love.>> click to read more about sex, relationships, orgasms, intimacy, dating and love.

The clitoris, vulva and vagina are amazing. Our genitals do so much for us. Don’t forget that out of all the incredible things our sex organs can do, they are also built to give us pleasure. They are full of nerve endings and muscles that (once we figure out how to operate them) can give us incredible waves of rippling pleasure that leave us flat on our backs in euphoria.

You do not have to wait for someone else to give you the kind of genital stimulation which leads to an orgasmic climax . Your sexual pleasure is yours to create.

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  1. I like it, and used to do it regularly, but I’m on an anti-estrogen med after breast cancer, and things are dry, the skin has thinned, and it usually hurts, or is just irritating. Heavy sigh.

  2. I never knew masturbation can be helpful this much. I’ve always faced an hour of being ashamed after masturbating but you outlined it in a very normal way. In fact, it has some very good benefits too. Very delighted to read this blog. Keep sharing the useful information.

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