Shall We Dance?

Life is just a dance between pleasure and pain.
If you ignore pain, it doesn’t go away.
If you try to heal pain, there’s still more there because pain is part of life.
Life is pain and pleasure in
equal measure.
~ John C Parkin ~

People find it impossible to imagine what it must be like to walk into a room and realise that the person I spent nearly 20 years of my life with has chosen to die rather than face the pain of living.

They seem to imagine that this Pain would be almost too much to bear.

But Pain is welcome in my life. It affirms that I am conscious and alive. Underneath the screeching noise of agony there whispers a promise of pleasure …

In equal measure …

In equal measure …

I am not crawling out of the abyss of Pain, I am standing in the midst of it and letting it flow through me. Every cell experiences the colour and musicality of the Pain, like a tattoo artist’s tiny needle piercing my skin.

Because I know the secret …

I can hear the whisper …

There is Pleasure in equal measure — and I can see the colour and hear the musicality of loving the Duckfishman — truly, madly and deeply.

I will not resist the Pain when I know it is simply the currency of Joy.

I am living the most Pain and the most Pleasure in the entire history of the Universe ever. And it is exactly the way life should be.

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