valentines dirge

A Valentine’s Day Dirge

Valentine’s Day sucks. Which may sound odd coming from someone who ceaselessly praises love and sex, but it is true. I am not a fan. My…

how to survive rejection

How to Survive Rejection Without Losing Your Mind

You’ve been dating him for a few months now and things are going well. Or so you thought until one morning, out of the blue, you…

the female orgasm secret

Female Orgasms • The Surprising Secret No One Mentions

You’re lying wide awake in bed, listening to your partner snore. He has drifted blissfully off to sleep in a post-coital haze of satisfaction. But…

10 kinds of men you will date after 40

The 10 Kinds of Men You Will Date after 40

Phew! You can breathe a sigh of relief — you have made it through a bad breakup or divorce and you are ready to face…

letter to a young writer - colum mccann

Letter to a Young Writer by Colum McCann

Colum McCann, author of Thirteen Ways of Looking, shares some advice for the young (and not so young) writer. It is also wonderful advice for anyone…

blogging traffic from pinterest

How Storytelling Bloggers Get Massive Traffic From Pinterest

Bloggers who write about their lives don’t always feel at home on Pinterest, but by following these 6 steps you can attract massive traffic to your blog.

the beauty of imperfection DIY

The Beauty of Imperfection • a spot of DIY

I have owned these bedside tables since the 1980’s. I bought them in natural pine, but soon painted them black to match the waterbed(!) I had at the…

seek love

Don’t Settle for Comfortable • Seek Love

I spent a long time thinking relationships should be the variety my parents have — a polite, comfortable, solid, long-term, come hell or high water…

rumi quotes

10 Inspirational Quotes from Rumi

My holiday gift to you is 10 inspirational quotes from Rumi for you to use however you like without attribution. Please feel free to share them on Pinterest,…

what I learned from almost breaking up

What I Learned From Almost Breaking Up

I had always thought it would take an apocalypse for my boyfriend to stop loving me. But here we were breaking up over something I never saw coming.

a vivid imagination dating

A Vivid Imagination

Roger intrigued me from the first moment I saw his on-screen name — Amare Sine Timore. I didn’t know what it meant and he wouldn’t…

making your second marriage better than the first

Making Your Second Marriage (or Relationship) Better than the First

Some folk leave their marriage or long-term relationship with elegance and grace. Some of us have catastrophic break ups that leave us cowering under the…

modern sexual etiquette

Modern Sexual Etiquette • The Ten Commandments

In the world of modern sex and relationships, it’s difficult to follow the rules if you don’t know what they are. Are you a well-mannered lover?

sex coach

Why I’ll Never Be a Sex Coach & Why You Don’t Need One

Sex and relationship coaches are a dime a dozen. They have slick websites, gorgeously styled graphics and flattering head-shots. They are usually one of those beautiful people…

sexual differences

Sexual Differences Between Men & Women You Might Not Know About

In general terms (taking into account the wide range of human experiences), there is a huge difference between the way men and women view sexual…

how to love a broken hearted woman

How to Love a Broken-Hearted Woman

They say that being grown-up means you have survived at least three disasters and one apocalypse. Quite often, that apocalypse involves a broken heart. There…

boyfriend online relationship

My Boyfriend is Having an Online Relationship

I walk into the room and whatever is on my boyfriend’s laptop screen fades to grey. He looks at me sheepishly. “Looking at porn, again?”…

trello manage pinterest

Hello Trello • The Easy Way to Manage Your Pinterest Schedule

In the last month Pinterest has sent me 14,324 page views. If you would like a slice of this kind of traffic, let me share my pinning strategy using…

14 things women wished men knew about sex

14 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

I asked a group of 268 sassy women to tell me the one thing they wished men (or their sexual partners of either sex) knew about…

sexual personality type quiz

Your Sexual Personality Type™ • take the quiz

One of the pillars of a good relationship is sexual compatibility. But when you’re in the early stages of meeting someone, it is sometimes awkward…

bruises you cant see

Bruises You Can’t See

My momma told me that if my husband ever hit me, I should pack my bags, leave and never look back. I believed her — I was…

midlife membership fail

Why I’m handing back my Midlife membership card

In a few days I will turn 51. It is not a momentous birthday like my last one (and I’m not in KL to celebrate it…

the girl and the unicorn

The Girl and the Unicorn

The girl had wished for a unicorn her whole life. She had seen the beautiful creatures in magazines with the most successful recording artists, models…

eating disorder recovery 6 years and 7 tips

Eating Disorder Recovery • Six Years of Sobriety + Seven Recovery Tips

On a cold September morning in 2009, I sat in the bottom of the shower sobbing so hard I was almost sick. I wasn’t upset…

you cant write that

You Can’t Write That

The man was tall and broad chested. At the end of his bulging arm he waved a piece of paper. “I’m an expert,” he shouted, “and…

exquisite fabric of love

The Exquisite Fabric of Love

She lived a long time believing love became tired and worn out after the first flush of passion died down. Her parents marriage was all…

brand your blog visual voice

How to Brand Your Blog in 4 Easy Steps

The most popular advice given to writers is to find your voice – to showcase your unique personality and view of the world through the words…


Not a Relationship but a Pirate Ship

When my guy was struggling and fearing “The Relationship”, I almost suggested that instead of having a relationship we should have a pirate ship. Adventure.…

10 reasons sex on the first date

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex on the First Date

There is an article doing the rounds that urges people (the author is surprisingly a man) to wait before they have sex with someone new. Everyone is…

searching for fullness

Searching for Fullness

Women seem to have the hardest time with overeating, dieting and obsessing about food. Perhaps the reason for this is that most women have a feminine…