The Truth About Tinder & Why I Swiped Left


The truth about Tinder

We live our lives online, so naturally, online dating is becoming our primary source of meeting others. I have been on most dating sites and some are good, some not so much. Tinder remains on the top five dating sites out there, so I’m sharing my personal experience.

The Truth About Tinder

Did you like me on Tinder? If you are a man in my geographical area, odds are you did. The first week I joined I received over 400 likes and nothing speaks desperation like that, does it? If I want to hook up and leave, there’s no better place to go.

If you’re going to Tinder looking for a real connection, then sorry — you’ve lost your damn mind. Tinder was created with the hit and quit it hookup in mind and trust me no matter what he puts in his profile, that’s what he’s looking for. Crap, that’s what I was looking for let’s be honest. Here are some universal truths about Tinder and most online dating sites.

  • If the picture looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  • People lie.
  • A large majority are going to be married pretending to be single.
  • They have a handful of others on the hook while they’re talking to you.

The usual way it goes on Tinder is you like someone’s picture and if they like you back, you’re a match. Then you can message each other and often you will get one or two messages and that’s it unless you come out strong on the sexting and I guarantee you get your man. Tinder is oozing with low attention spans. I can pretty much guarantee he is going to ask for pictures, and not of your face.

Why I Swiped Left

Remember those 400 likes, want to know how many I liked back? 4. Yes, I have left swiped so many of you I can now fall asleep while doing it. Is it because you aren’t interesting? You might be interesting and good-looking but here’s the real deal — your selfie and your profile sucks.

Now I get that selfies are not a man’s thing but honestly, we just want to see what you look like but instead, I see hundreds of bad photos. I want to help you out so I’m going to tell you full stop what you’re doing wrong. I should charge for this but it’s just too sad.

Your Selfie — What NOT to Do

  • You cut out of half of the picture
  • You’re drinking
  • There are all your friends in the picture
  • Your kids are in the picture
  • You’re smoking
  • You’re half-naked
  • Your ex-wife, last girlfriend or any woman is in the picture
  • You’re trying to be funny (you just aren’t)

Look we just want to see an attractive shot of you so that picture you took at Lego Land just isn’t at all cute. Your half-naked picture, no matter how good you might look tells a story and tells every woman out there what you’re after. You obviously have no sense of discretion so be sure I won’t be sharing my nudes with you and your friends.

So, what will make me left swipe? A bad selfie but that isn’t all. Now, maybe you aren’t adding what you do for a living because of the gold diggers out there but women want men with a job period. It is on every list of requirements for every woman everywhere.

Online dating is risky and I want to know something about you. Fill out the bio in your profile. Now there is the place to add something funny. I have liked profiles for that reason alone. Put something interesting about you in there. Make me want to click on you to find out more.

It never hurts to put yourself out there but ladies, if you’re looking for love,  you probably won’t find it on Tinder. Guys, if you want to get more likes and get a little more action, work on that profile, please.

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Scarlett Laine is a sex and relationship writer at Great Sex Inc. You can get to know more about her on Facebook.

One thought on “The Truth About Tinder & Why I Swiped Left

  1. Hi Katie,

    Excellent post, you brought up a lot of good points. I do think that most Tinder profiles are abysmal and there are a lot of bad fish in the sea of Tinder.

    That being said, if used properly I think it can be a great way to meet quality people, especially if you’re in the younger millennial aged demographic. I do think it can also be a great resource for men and women older than that demographic but there might not be as many options.

    I wrote a blog post called “Why you must use dating apps if you want to find a boyfriend” that outlined a few pros to using Tinder and other dating apps. Check it out here if you’re interested:

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