How do you want to feel?


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You want …

… the perfect man to take you in his arms and hold you

… the perfect resort holiday in the Seychelles

… the perfect house perched on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean

… the perfect body with visible abs and a gap between your thighs.

But why? Why do you strive for these things?

Because of how they’ll make you feel.

When you’ve got the man, the money, the house and the body then you imagine you will feel a particular way ~

loved, desired, beautiful, relaxed, contented, peaceful, respected, proud, affluent, strong, energized, joyful.

You’re not after things at all — you’re after feelings.

Sometimes when you achieve your goals — the man, the holiday, the house and the body — you discover that it’s not as satisfying as you hoped. So you move on the next thing … praying this time you’ll get what you need.

Go for the feelings first. Get clear on how you want to feel every morning when you wake up to face a new day.

Then do the stuff that makes you feel that way RIGHT NOW.

How do you want to feel in your life? Write down at least twenty words that describe your desired positive state. Put them all down on paper and then choose the 4-5 feelings that resonate most.

Look up your feeling words in the dictionary.

I desire to be/feel GRACEFUL.

Here’s what the dictionary told me is the meaning of GRACE (graceful is to be full of grace)

  • elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or act.
  • a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.
  • favour or goodwill.
  • mercy; clemency; pardon.
  • the free, unmerited favour and love of God.
  • excellence of divine origin
  • the influence or spirit of God operating in a person to regenerate or strengthen.
  • spiritual strength.
  • a short prayer before or after a meal, in which a blessing is asked and thanks are given.
  • Music an embellishment consisting of a note or notes not essential to the harmony or melody.

Today I will do things that fill me full of beauty, goodwill, mercy, the love of God/Universe, divine excellence, regeneration, strength, thanks and embellishment.

How would you like to feel today?


→ inspired by The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Termsby Danielle LaPorte

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  1. This post makes me feel like I have hit upon the truth and it makes sense.

    I want to feel worthy, loved and successful today

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