How to Survive Anything


♥ Breathe

When you are stressed, worried or upset, your breath becomes shallow and rapid. Consciously breathe slowly and deeply right into your belly. Concentrate on the physical sensation of the breath moving in and out of your body. Breathe in light, breathe out love.

♥ Trust Your Instincts

Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. If you are already doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable — stop. Forget about pleasing others, or doing what is expected, just do whatever is right for you without a second thought for how you might be judged by other people (who have never walked in your shoes).

♥ Laugh

Laugh at anything — someone falling over, kids playing in the park, a funny voice, irony, silly stories and stupid mistakes.

♥ Don’t Wallow

Tears, grief, and sadness are self perpetuating. Move physically (sit up straight, stand up, unclench your fists) and signal to your body and mind that the emotion has run its course for now. Choose to get over it, at least for now.

♥ Avoid Avoidance Strategies

Diversionary tactics may work for a while, but eventually you will have to face whatever is causing you pain. Locate where the pain appears in your body, breathe into it and feel the colour, shape and texture of the pain. Determine if it is unbearable and likely to kill you … probably not. As you let it wash over you watch and see how long and how intensely it lasts.

♥ Don’t Go It Alone

You are more than capable of surviving this on your own, but when someone walks through the fire with you of their own free will, your pain is healed sooner and there are less scars.

♥ Affirm Love and Life

Tell people how much they mean to you, even if doing so risks everything. Love is infinite and limitless and the more you give, the more you become the essence of love. Listen to glorious music, watch the sunrise, eat chocolate and make love fully experiencing the joy of life. Embrace happiness especially when you feel like you are fighting to survive.

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