Today I said goodbye to twenty years of memories, purchases and presents. All saved, hoarded and accumulated without thought — an endless pile of material items to insure against the uncertainty of a rainy day.

The rainy day came and the stuff didn’t help. It just spoke of wasted hours, missed opportunities and life sucking sadness.

The gruff, efficient garbage man took away what remained of my old life. Nothing expensive, sentimental, or practical survived the purging.

Now there is nothing left to remind me of who I was before. The hurricane has swept through my world leaving destruction in its wake. But the debris has been cleared and the rooms are now empty.

Today is a perfect day to be re-born. Free at last from the background white noise of worry and regret I can now begin afresh without any baggage to hold me down.

My wings that were weak, hesitant and fragile are now strong, certain and beautiful. For now, for tomorrow and for all eternity, I shall simply fly.

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