The Mars Bar Story

Mars bar (UK style). Photo by sannse.
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It’s no secret that I love chocolate. Most of the time I eat ‘no sugar’ chocolate and protein bars which satisfy my cravings. In fact, I haven’t had real chocolate for more than six months.

But I’ve been craving a Mars Bars for days (PMT), and tonight I decided to honour that craving, confident that it wouldn’t do anything biologically damaging beyond a slight sugar spike. I went to the shop and bought one single Mars Bar and left it on the counter for after dinner.

When dinner was finished I looked at the Mars Bar and decided to cut it in half. Not because of the calories or anything, but because I know that the first mouthful is the best and I wanted to experience that again tomorrow. I heated up my half a Mars Bar, added half a mini tub of Skinny Cow ice-cream and had the best dessert ever.

It didn’t set me off, I didn’t get up and eat the other half of the bar because I wanted more, the warm creamy chocolate and caramel with cold ice-cream was simply perfect.

And tomorrow I get to do it all over again. Because now I know that the first bite is always the best and the following bites never measure up, I’m happy to wait until another time in order to experience the first bite all over again. A half eaten Mars Bars sits in the pantry and it’s not even calling my name.

What do we call that………? Oh yeah. Ladies and gentleman, I give you … a miracle!

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