Tell Me What You Will Miss When You Die


Tell me what you will miss when you die.

Getting up at 5am to run in the cold icy dawn…

Weighing a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream to make sure it is only 20 grams…

Choosing to stay home from your niece’s third birthday party because your skinny jeans won’t fit…

The ache in your shoulder or the stripe of pain in your hip flexor when you hoist your son on to your lap…

Tell me what you will miss when you die.

Feeling your boyfriend inside you while the curtains of sleep still soften the thoughts in your brain…

The look on your daughters face as you eat the misshapen pancakes she made you for mother’s day…

The night you got drunk at the Christmas Party and walked home barefoot across the harbour bridge…

Chasing your son into the surf without your body or your mind screaming in pain…

Tell me what you will miss when you die.

→ photo by seyyed mostafa zamani

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3 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Will Miss When You Die

  1. I’ll miss:
    – hearing Jayden say, “I know” when I tell him I love him every day which is his way of saying I love you too.
    – Sofie debating everything with me as 12 year old girls do.
    – Dave kissing me goodbye and hello every day upon leaving and arriving home.
    – Jason saying, “I love you Mum” when I deliver a cooked breakfast for him.
    – seeing the sun rise every morning.
    – looking into Peppi’s eyes which smile at me when I get the lead to take him for a walk.
    – saying, “Bonjour, Cava?” when calling friends on the telephone.
    – eating chocolate and drinking wine because it tastes so delicious.
    – my closest and dearest friends.

    I’ll miss life on this earth really.

  2. I have been away. What a post to come back to. Beautiful. There are so many things that I have discovered lately, since I started really living, that I will certainly miss. My baby, my husband, good chocolate & good wine being four of them!

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