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5 thoughts on “The Best Valentine’s Day in the Entire History of the Universe Ever

  1. I’m treating my girlfriend to a romantic dinner for Valentines Day.

    Soft, slow cooked pasta.
    The finest petit pois
    Finely diced soft soya flakes.
    …A beautiful chicken stock marinade.
    Finely seasoned with fresh basil and mixed herbs.

    Then I just tip in water to the fill line, add the soy sauce sachet and then we settle down to some old episodes of Muscle Car Restos and Pat Callinan’s 4×4 adventures.

    Probably the best girlfriend in the world ever!

    1. That must be your other girlfriend because I don’t eat pasta (carbs remember) and I’d rather stab you in the eye than watch anything to do with cars!

  2. Ok, I’ll make chips instead. What about Classic Leeds United Matches from the 1970’s?

    And who the hell does this Mr T think he is, sending you roses?

    1. Mmmm chippies …
      I’ll watch soccer as long as there is half time shenanigans.
      And let’s not talk about Mr T on this blog … it’s slightly weird that you name your penis.

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