Destination Consciousness or Journey Consciousness?

Destination : I am searching for happiness
Journey : I am happy

Destination : I will be in the best shape of my life
Journey : My body is perfect right here and now for this moment in my life

Destination : I will get married and live happily ever after
Journey : I am present and as conscious as possible in each unfolding moment of this relationship

Destination : Orgasm is the reason for sexual intimacy
Journey :  Providing a sacred place of love, support and pleasure for the emotional body and raising my vibrational level is the reason for sexual intimacy

Destination : I want to know God
Journey : I am God (the expression of infinite love in the physical world)

Destination : I am taking action towards achieving my goals
Journey : I am

I am

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6 thoughts on “Destination Consciousness or Journey Consciousness?

  1. Wild Katie! I love this post and have read it over and over. I am such a destination person, but working very hard at simply enjoying my journey.

    You never fail to strike my thoughts and cause me to honestly challenge myself and my thinking.

    I love this post and will revisit it regularly. Thank you.

    1. Oh I know that feeling — I used to be so driven as well. But don’t start ‘working hard’ on enjoying the journey silly :). Just relax and let things go. Enjoy right here and right now. It doesn’t take work just awareness x

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