When We Connect, We Heal

teardropWhen I think my pain is unbearable, that life is cruel and unfair, and that somehow I’ve been singled out for unimaginable grief, the Universe reminds me that I am not alone.

I feel your grief, your pain and your emptiness. It reverberates across time and space to link up with mine and with all women who have lost children, husbands, parents and best friends. Our collective experience takes that small container of agony that we hold in our hearts and releases it into a cloud of emotion.

And somehow the pain eases, the tears sting a little less, and there are moments when we forget to be sad. We are all in this together, this great rollercoaster called life.

When we connect, we heal.

{for Alana}

→ photo : blue tear

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6 thoughts on “When We Connect, We Heal

    1. Dear Tony
      I know that it feels like life is so bad that it can’t possibly get better, but it will. Please hold on. Talk to someone, get some help.
      There will come a time when you can’t even really remember your teenage years. Don’t throw away the chance of a brilliant, wonderful, loving, future without waiting to see how easily things will turn around.

  1. Katie, do you believe only women suffer pain, disrespect and embarrassment, and men are responsible for the strength and structure behind a family? When men suffer from insecurities, we are bashed and laughed at.

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