The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind — you have one right? If not, who breathes you while you are asleep?

The conscious mind is rational, logical, thinking and the part of you that conceptualises everything. The unconscious mind in non verbal, feeling, spacial, and beyond language.

The conscious mind is only aware of now. The unconscious mind is aware of now but stores all your memories and is aware of the past and the future.

The conscious mind is sequential — one thing after another. The unconscious mind works concurrently — it can learn a number of things at the same time.

The conscious mind needs time to learn something. The unconscious mind can learn instantaneously.

The conscious mind has cognitive learning. The unconscious mind is experiential.

The conscious mind is in charge of voluntary movements. The unconscious mind is in charge of involuntary movements.

The conscious mind is thinking. The unconscious mind is feeling.

The conscious mind asks questions like “why?”. The unconscious mind already knows the answer.

The conscious tries to understand the problem. The unconscious mind already knows the solution.

Have you talked to your unconscious mind lately?

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