And So It Begins

After 130 hours of intensive training I am now a fully certified NLP Practitioner and Coach as well as a Hypnotherapist.

I am going to begin seeing clients because I want to share the wonders of discovering how to move on with great big exciting life while letting go of the past.

It is not about spending hours talking about the “why” of my problems, but instead letting go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that have led me to where I am today.

I am free of anger that I didn’t even realise I had because I kept it stuffed inside. And all of a sudden I feel light and energised.

I believe that every cell in our body holds on to the emotions we hold at bay, the ones we are dealing with. It explains why I still felt heavy and overweight, cocooned by my “healing” fat. But there comes a time when the band-aid needs to be ripped off, so that fresh new skin can be exposed to the sun light. It is now safe to be thin because I am free of the past hurt and pain.

My unconscious mind holds the blueprint of perfect health. Without being distracted by the “fight” to be in control, there is time for it to transform that blueprint into reality. I can already feel the changes … I am no longer continuously cold and I can’t sit still.

I have been waiting for the outside of my body to catch up with what I felt inside. I realise now that it was reflecting what was inside. But now things are different, and I am excited to imagine what the future holds for me and for those I can help find their way.

About KatieP

Embracing my midlife sexy while exploring modern love & relationships • Devoted to all things beautiful • Master of Arts in creative writing & non-fiction writing