Cause or Effect?


Just exactly which side of the cause (C) and effect (E) equation are you on?

There are two sides – the cause causes a certain effect. If you are on the cause side of the equation you say “yes, I create all the effects that happen in my life, I create all the effects that happen in my world, I’m responsible for everything I create in a joyous, exciting, loving way.”

If you are on the effect side of the equation (the side that most people in the world are on) you are saying “everything that happens to me, someone or something else did. I didn’t do it myself someone or something else did it to me”.

Who’s driving the bus? Who is in charge of the results you produce?

If you’re on the cause side of the equation, then you are the one who is going to produce results. If you are on the effects side of the equation, then you will have lots of reasons why you didn’t get what you wanted. The reason side of life is not the most empowering side of life to be on.

If you imagine the end of your life, and you’ve never ever been able to create exactly what you wanted then it won’t be very satisfying. You’ll say things like
“I would have been able to stay thin if it hadn’t been for
… leaving my husband
… dealing with suicide
… an eating disorder
… my hormones
… a fucked metabolism from too much dieting
… a sugar/carb addiction
… an injury.
I am at the effect of some cause which is either inside me or outside me over which I have no control.”

Can you move from effect side of the equation over to the cause side of the equation?

If you are pushing the cause outside of your control then you are never going to get enough learning or enough information so you can create something different.

If you are deciding that there is something (feelings, behaviours, conditions) over which you have no control you are giving up your power to someone or something else. You are no longer empowered.

Does that mean that we cause or create all the bad things that happen to us? I don’t believe that we have control over other people’s actions but I think we do have control over how we choose to react to other people’s decisions and behaviours. The sum total of all our choices consciously and subconsciously have led us to where we are today.

Right here, right now, you can give your unconscious mind the signal that it is now time to move to the cause side of the equation, that it is time to take back your power.

“Unconscious mind (say it out loud), things are going to change around here. From here on in we’re going to be at cause, we’re going to drop all the reasons and go for results. I hereby take back my power.”

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