You’re Getting Very Sleepy


Look into my eyes …
Your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier …
You are getting very sleepy …

I am, right now, one final exam away from being a certified hypnotherapist. Sadly, contrary to public opinion, I have not learnt spells and mind control, and Duckfishman won’t be compelled to obey my every command (well at least not through hypnotism – maybe through the promise of sexual favours …)

What I have learnt, that there is a way out of this weight loss/body image struggle that haunts those of us who have lost weight, and have been unable to keep it off without turning into obsessive, exhausted, hungry bitches. This weekend has shown me a simple yet powerful way to reverse all the physical/emotional damage from past dieting/over exercising and turn my life around.

Fellow frustrated diet junkies stay tuned for developments over the next days, weeks and months. As I undertake careful research on a willing subject (myself) I will report back with all I know. If I can fight my way out of this prison of best intentions and broken promises, then I am sure it will much easier for you (because you probably don’t have PTSD from that whole suicide thing)*.

This is just the beginning ~ I’m on my way to a whole new life, and I’m learning the skills to finally contribute to the demise of the diet industry …

Could this be a revolution … fuck, I’m excited!

*too soon for jokes? Nah …

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4 thoughts on “You’re Getting Very Sleepy

  1. This is very interesting. When did you start studying this? I guess I’ve missed a few blogs. Sounds like you are slowly getting past the rough time…I can’t even begin to relate-but definitely feel for you. You are obviously getting stronger…good for you.
    I hope this hypnosis things works for you…and hope you can help others with it too.

  2. Katie – Drop me a line if you’re looking for a guinea pig once you’ve completed your studies!
    Linda J

  3. Katie, you never cease to amaze me; that despite all that has been going on in your life, you continue to grow and learn, to seek answers; hypnosis is what helped me quit smoking 10+ years ago; one session did it – the best $40 I ever spent! I’m thrilled you’re going to be sharing details with us; thank you in advance!

    P.S. The link you provided on the “SHE IS YOU” post worked beautifully; thanks!

  4. Hi lovely, hypnosis is a very powerful tool. I am so excited for you that you are doing the certification. Let me know if it helps with your PTSD and then maybe you can help me with my PND 🙂 Love you lots Me xxx

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