At last … someone exciting!


Two months ago on 30 March, Duck Fish Man found my *profile on RSVP and sent me this email (click for a larger view).

You have to buy a “stamp” in order to send emails — normally men send a “kiss” first (free) in order to gauge interest, but Duck Fish Man went straight for the kill.

It was the Tuesday night before Easter, and by Easter Monday we had met, kissed and messed up the sheets much to Duck Fish Man’s alarm who was insisting on emailing for 3-4 weeks before meeting (yeah, like that’s going to happen with me!)

Two months of lust, laughter, love and tears — I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

Happy anniversary Duck Fish Man

*I’ll probably never re-activate my profile on RSVP again, so for the record, here is what I wrote :



Update on yesterday’s post

I was talking about going from multiple to continuous (Duck Fish Man was worried that you might think I just had my very first single!) 🙂

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