My type and his type

My type and his type - in relationships who are you sexually attracted to?

I find a particular type of man very attractive. Medium height, brown hair, with the body of a swimmer or a runner. Think Adam Levine (oh my …).

All my significant relationships have been with men who have looked similar to each other.

I think men, on the other hand, like variety. Being an in-between kind of woman (curvy but not overweight) I was smaller than my ex-husband’s previous girlfriend, more voluptuous than my lover’s thin wife and more curved than my current boyfriend’s ex-wife. I have often heard women say ‘I can’t believe he left me for someone bigger/smaller/younger/older than me.’ It could be that men enjoy someone who looks different to what they are used to, or maybe their ideas of beauty and attractiveness are more inclusive than women’s.

I don’t really know, I’m just making up shit for fun and finding an excuse to post a picture of a sexy man.

Sorry, what was I saying?

Do you have a type? What kind of man (or woman) are you attracted to?


My type and his type - in relationships who are you sexually attracted to?

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37 thoughts on “My type and his type

  1. Exactly what Sara said and throw in some Tom Hardy! When I was younger I thought I had a type, but I guess I’m more like a man and really indulge in variety. Mmmmmmmmmen. 🙂

  2. I almost always wind up dating/being in relationships with tall, thin, long-haired men haha… I certainly don’t look for that on purpose but it keeps happening. Your type is pretty darned nummy too though, cannot blame you for it at allll 😀

  3. I have been sexually attracted to all kinds of people, and most of them look vastly different from one another. I don’t know if this is because I’m male or because, for me, what makes someone attractive is intelligence and a certain naughty twinkle in their eyes…

    1. You’re one of those lovely people who looks beyond physicality.
      I, alas, am still rather aesthetically stimulated. I’m blaming it on being Libran.

  4. Beautiful eyes, in fact…I’m shallow…beautiful everything (but not to the exclusion of intelligence, humour, compassion, and a cracking personality). Essentially, all the things I wish I was 🙂

    Hips. Thighs. Upper arms. Love a bit of tone there.

  5. My taste has changed over the years. Used to go for sexy bad boys when I was young – looks weren’t really the issue – I have been out with some men who were not classically ‘good-looking’ but were incredibly attractive because of their confidence and humour. Now, as a mature woman, I find men like Ricky Gervais attractive because they make me laugh while also making me think about serious issues. Yeah, I know, weird.

    1. Not weird at all — perhaps there is a difference between what visually attracts us and who we would want to be in a relationship with. Maybe as we mature we’re more focused on the insides rather than the outside.
      Nevertheless, a handsome man is a thing of beauty ♥

  6. Blue eyes. Fit body. No shorter than 5’11”. That’s all I gotta say. ; ) and, Katie, please come up with more excuses to post more pics of sexy men! Please. lol ; )

  7. For pure sex appeal, here are some famous names that do it for me: Robert Downey, Jr., Matthew McConaughey, Lenny Kravitz, Kevin Spacey (yes, I know he’s gay), Tyson Beckford, Chris Hemsworth, Richard Gere, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Idris Elba.

    In general, I like tall and lanky. Not overly muscled. I tend to go for dark hair/eyes over blonde/blue. I had a thing for latin/middle eastern men when I was younger.

  8. I have always been attracted to tall guys, with brown hair and blue eyes! I prefer guys with a few extra pounds! I have never been attracted to skinny guys! Although I married a guy with sandy brown hair in blue eyes, with I’ll say a lumberjack build!

  9. I don’t have a name to refer you to, or even a real description of physical features. I’m more attracted to attributes not so easily pinpointed. I’m attracted to strength; of character, mind, emotion, and yes, body. I’m enthralled by passion and sincerity. And I believe people who feel deeply enough to fear it are the most beautiful.

      1. It’s a Scouse expression mostly used by teenage girls and women who usually congregate at gigs, in the park when local football teams are playing on a Saturday….stuff like that.

  10. As a guy I have chatted with people at work, after a few drinks, about who they fancy in the office and with guys it seems to be they are all attracted to one woman. The “office hotty”. Women are far more varied in their taste. Makes it even harder for us to make the first move!!!

  11. Broad-shouldered men, mmmm… My boyfriend has broad shoulders and a broad chest ???? I like a little bit longer hair, just a little longer than a crew cut. And strong forearms are so sexy. Beyond the physical, sweet, intelligent, capable of expressing emotion. My man is perfect 🙂

  12. James Bond as embodied by Daniel Craig; Sherlock Holmes as embodied by Benedict Cumberbatch; James Bond franchise’s “Q” as embodied by Ben Whishaw, BBC Sherlock”s John Watson as embodied by Martin Freeman, I believe I am done.

    The thing is, the idea and fantasies of the character and their counterparts engaging in consent filled intimacy to bondage and pain play are fire for my libido. WTF???

  13. I like em really tall 6’3 ish with sandy brown hair that summers up blonde highlights and blue eyes … “guy” guys like Sam Heughan … it’s my Norse Celt genes kicking in.

  14. Mmm… Nick Bateman, anyone? (check him out via Facebook… seriously yummy). 😛

    The Hemsworth brothers also do it for me. As do James Marsden, Michael Rosenbaum (don’t normally go for bald guys, but he’s hot!), Michael Vartan, Chris Evans…

    Most of the time, for me, it’s about the brown hair + blue eyes combo… and if you add in a British Accent, I’ll start drooling! I love broad shoulders, and a lean body. And if he can sing, and/or is a drummer, I’m completely smitten. 😉

  15. Im 27 and after 2 long serious relationships with what all my friends call “my type” Iv changed it all up with my new man who I’m crazy about. I used to go for the medium hight big muscles big shoulders and chest bodybuilder type dark hair dark eyes and dark skin and HAD to be older than me..My current boyfriend is nearly 6 foot slim very little muscle and dark hair 2 years younger than me also!
    But if we are going on who I’m perving on in the movies it’s gotta be Gerard butler! Tom hardy, channing Tatum ???? Also tattoos are a big hit with me.. Adam Levine is to die for ☺️ X

  16. The guy who played Wolverine totally awesome hottie and lumberjack, dock work build hell yeah. I like them definately not think thick and cuddly.

  17. I always thought my type was the lean and muscular bad boy, my ex husband is the prime example…. but really my type is big, bearded and tattooed with kind eyes lol picture a biker that has the personality of a giant teddy bear. Saying that you have to picture me at 5ft and my boyfriend at 6’4 ft it’s quite a picture but me make a fantastic match because my personality is as big as he is lol. But if I had to pick a celeb I don’t mind looking at I would go with Gerard Butler.

  18. I have a thing for tall, long haired men. Think Aragon (LOTR), Poldark, Jon Snow. As a youngster I loved skinny guys (but only dated whoever would ask me out – sad I know) but now I like my man to have a chest and big arms. My guy is is 6ft 4 with long curly black hair and brown eyes. And he’s slso a really sensitive soul who I cam have deep long conversations with. Oh and he’s an artist and sings like the crooners did. I’m so blessed.

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