Forget doing the things you love : Do the person you love

do the person you love

Love is very important to me. I talk about it all the time. It is what I am, and what I am becoming.

People say they love all sorts of things — from their pets to working out to playing sport. That’s not the love I’m talking about.

What is real love?

~ It is looking into the eyes of another person and without words or touch, reaching into their heart and feeling their essence.

~ It is holding on to yourself while standing within another’s arms. It is drowning in emotion while never losing sight of who you are.

~ It is connecting without bullshit or agenda and together co-creating a better world that you can take with you even after the other person has gone.

~ It is making love AND fucking. It is being taken and then taking. It is holding and being held.

~ It is pushing the boundaries and finding you liked something you didn’t think you would. It is never putting up with anything. It is comfortable and uncomfortable.

~ It is saying “I love you” without needing a response.

~ Real love is joyful and painful. It risks having your heart broken. It is knowing that a broken heart is the only way love can grow larger.

~ It is kissing with your eyes wide open. It is focused attention on a single point of physical contact that can be felt in your heart, in your mind, in your groin, in your gut.

You can never love anything but another human that way. You can never grow as a person without that kind of love.

Do you spend more time with your pet, exercising, or playing golf than you engage in deep intimate communion with your partner?

Love is why we are here. Forget doing the things you love, do the person you love. Be love.

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4 thoughts on “Forget doing the things you love : Do the person you love

  1. Katie Paul,
    I have come across your articles so often now through Pinterest & every single one I’ve read is beautiful. Great insight into the balance of the strength and the softness of being this wonderful feminine creature! It is in this center balance where I believe lies our true essence.
    The world is awakening to a new shift in our perception when it comes to women, and humanity!
    Thank you for the Delightful gems to read and inspire.

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