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All You Need to Know

 You are marvellous, wonder-filled, precious and amazing, just because you’re here. There’s no-one else quite like you. That’s all you need to know. And when…



Operation Free Zone – Week 14

I spent most of last week sitting at 69.2kg and then on Sunday and Monday I jumped back up into the 70’s. I can’t tell…

Lasik Eye Surgery for Beginners

Since I was 15 years old I have worn contact lenses to correct my short sightedness (which my mother told me was due to reading…


On the 15th April 2010, one year ago,  I found my estranged husband dead in the house we used to share. It was a day…

Operation Free Zone – Week 13

I saw 69.9 briefly this morning but the scales settled on 70.0 (twice!). I am officially past half way. Only 7 kilos to go ……

A Year

This week is the week that he died. I don’t know what day it was because by the time I found him on Thursday, he…

Operation Free Zone – Week Twelve

The more we try to rely on willpower the more worn out it gets. Willpower may be useful to initiate a change, like in a…