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Meditation Rock

Duckfish and I walked today. We found my rock. It suits him.

A Retraction (of sorts)

I think I may have been a little harsh in my previous post. I blame PMT. I wasn’t trying to be negative or infer that…

I Can Hear It You Know, and I Wish I Could Help

Figure competition season is under way again and this is the time of year when I stood on stage in 2008 and 2009. There are…

Disordered Behaviours in Competitive Body Builders

As part of my research assignment, I am looking at the incidence of eating disorders in female bodybuilders. You can read the abstract of the…

The Story I Really Want to Tell

Sometimes I get bogged down in the drama of being a suicide widow. Telling that story makes me different, it proves how tough I am,…

badges of courage

Badges of Courage

I was never a Girl Guide or a Brownie, probably because I was too busy going to ballet class and piano lessons, but I loved…

Suicide Widow – The Film

When your husband kills himself you’re not meant to talk about it. I’m not playing by those rules. Here is my story in a short…

The Filmmaker’s Dilemma

So I’ve made this film. It is a seven minute documentary called Suicide Widow. The question now is what to do with it. I am…