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Sometimes It’s Better

Sometimes it’s better to watch a naked man in your shower than to write a blog post ♥

Life Keeps Getting in the Way

I hardly ever get on the computer outside of work these days because I’m too busy having a great big adventure. So a quick update…

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Look into my eyes … Your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier … You are getting very sleepy … I am, right now, one final…

She is You


After 25 years and 228,125 cigarettes …

If You Could See Inside of Me

Three months on you might be astounded by my ability to continue on living, laughing and opening my heart to world. On the other hand,…

Not a Relation-Ship, a Pirate Ship

When my guy was struggling and fearing “The Relationship”, I almost suggested that instead of having a relationship we should have a pirate ship. Adventure.…

The Dragon Slayer

You are the hero that will slay the dragon that has imprisoned me. I can see in you a heroic quality that even you may…