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it's just food • for fuck's sake

It’s Just Food for Fuck’s Sake

Food doesn’t have magical powers. Unless you have a full blown medically diagnosed allergy to something (nuts, gluten etc) then you can eat anything you want. Processed or natural, cooked or raw, manufactured or grown in the back garden makes no difference if you are paying attention to your inner voice. There is no bad food.

The First Step into the Light

This is an updated re-post from my old blog So Katie, I’m sick of all this dieting, punishing myself in the gym, feeling like a…

The Secret to Lasting Happiness

When days are crappy it is relatively easy to pinpoint what is going haywire. Once the problem is identified – I am bored, anxious, frustrated,…

Is it Giving Up or Surrender?

When you’ve given up dieting in the past, have you gained weight? Have you thrown your hands in the air and walked away saying “That’s…

How Can You Tell if Intuitive Eating is Working?

Switching from strict dieting to Intuitive Eating is a bewildering experience. How can you know if what you are doing is right? Are you on…

Letting Go

It seems that we are conditioned to seek control in the areas of our life that we perceive as difficult and challenging. For the professional…

Raw and Unrehearsed ~ My First Vlog

I got a webcam and this was my test video. It turned out OK so I dismissed my perfectionist tendencies and posted it anyway. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXzu5COkrv8]…

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

3 Secrets to Get a Booty for Life Today!* If you want to lose thigh fat, get sexy legs, and build a perky butt and booty…