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If you are a woman who has reached a point in her life where she no longer follows the rules, then you are in the right place.

In this small corner of the internet, we believe all women are beautiful, interesting, important and sexually empowered to live however we want. We are too young to know better and old enough to not give a fuck.

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35 Days to a Spontaneous Life

In 35 days, I will no longer have to work 50 hours a week for someone else. I will have six months without a day job to swim, walk, practice yoga, relax, read, write, blog, photograph, travel, learn and explore. I have absolutely no plans, I will be living a spontaneous life.

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The Goddess

(1) femininity —– (2) goddess denied —– (5) history glorifies the masculine need —– (10) yearning for the angles and the sharp punctuation of bones…

The Insidiousness of Comparison

There are so many ways to feel like I’m not good enough and blog world is the perfect breeding ground for feelings of inadequacy. In an…

The Seven Faces of Yesterday

I am in the business of show business and yesterday was the annual grand final of a popular television show at the Wh1t3 S@1ls Asylum.…

What Sucks About Being Thin?

Q: What Sucks About Being Thin/Lean/Skinny and having your ideal body? I can hear you, you know, you just said “absolutely nothing” or words to…

Don’t Ask Stupid Questions ~ Can’t You See I’m Marketing?

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