Officially A Published Author

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I have been working on a project with Renée Stephens from Inside Out Weight Loss and I am pleased to announce that I am officially a published author.

Although you won’t see my name on the book (I just transcribed, edited and designed the layout) this is my work.

The book is the transcripts from the first 18 of the Inside Out Weight Loss podcasts and has wide margins and places to record your thoughts and experiences making it a stand alone product or a companion to the podcast series.

Discovering these podcasts last year was the catalyst that transformed my life from one of starving, bingeing and exercising compulsively to unconditional self love, naturally slender eating and peace with food.

The Episode|Chapter List

Inside Out Weight Loss 000: Prologue
001: Unstoppable Weight Loss Motivation
002: Dreams of Diet Success
003: Guided Journey to Get What You Want
004: Breaking Free in the Weight Loss Fitting Room
005: Yo Yo Dieting, Positive Intent and Chronic Fatigue
006: Foods that will make your life easier
007: The Naturally Slender Eating Strategy
008: The Naturally Slender Eating Strategy, Part II
009: Continuous Improvement, Part I
010: Continuous Improvement, Part II
011: Self Correcting, Part I
012: Self Correcting, Part II
013: Adding a Gray Scale to Black and White Thinking
014: Questions to Self Correct
015: Setting Your New Year’s Evolutions
016: The Power of Relaxed Intent, part I
017: The Power of Relaxed Intent, part II
018: The Success Journal

The Inside Out Weight Loss Course Notes and Workbook is only US$9.99 and is well worth the investment. If you have struggled with bingeing, self loathing, or yo yo dieting, this book will change your life forever. (Plus I get a few cents from the sale to keep me off the streets.)

If you buy it, please let me know what changes in your thinking and behavior start manifesting in your life. Inside Out Weight Loss is a unique approach to being naturally slender easily and effortlessly and is worth investigating.

As Renée says …

Why does Inside Out Weight Loss matter? It matters not in the “I’m getting ready for swimsuit season” kind of way, not in the “I’m getting ready for my high school reunion” kind of way, but rather in the “Live your life to the fullest” kind of way. It is not just about being beautiful for vanity’s sake; it’s about really coming into a place of inner alignment and living our true potential.

Every moment that we spend in criticism and every moment that we spend unhappy with ourselves or not engaging in life, is a moment lost of this life. It’s a moment of our death. Inside Out Weight Loss is about not just annihilating that inner critic, in fact not annihilating that critic at all, but re-purposing that energy to truly bring joy and fullness to our lives.

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