One Word 2010 ~ Authenticity


To live one’s life according to the needs of one’s inner being, rather than the demands of society or one’s early conditioning.

The word that expresses my intention for 2010 is authenticity. It is a derivative of the word author. I will write my own fairy tale, I will be true to my inner being and I will celebrate my imperfection.

How will I know that I am living and authentic life?

I will cease to feel guilty, unworthy or not enough. I will be free from the expectations of others. I will liberate all the aspects of my true self I have hidden for so long.

I will not worry and work because of what the future might hold, I will live with gratitude and love in the moment. I will go easily and allow my inner flame to be so bright that it dazzles everyone who crosses my path.

I will experience all my emotions and not shut myself off to stay safe. I will laugh, cry, bleed and heal and the scars will soften and fade away.

I will be the divine creature that I came into the world to be. To be anything less is no longer an option.

This moment, this day, this week, this month, this year will explode with miracles beyond my wildest imagination because I have finally exposed my vulnerability to myself and to the world.

It’s Showtime!

→ photo : Jody McNary*
*it is no coincidence that this photo is called “leading her home”

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