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Cathy CThe word that I want to represent me or strive for is …Natural…this means taking the time to feel things out, let my senses guide me and become less focused on losing weight and food diets. I want to be Naturally thin from the inside out.

N a T u R a L

“What is “natural” mommy?” my daughter asks, she is sitting next to me as I’m typing this…..”lt is the feeling I have missed the most” I reply. It is inside me and I need to find it again, it is the power or strength that I forgot about. If I listen it will guide me to have the most important  & best relationship…. with myself.

It will mean a lot of things, and to me right now it is what I hope for myself in the future. I intend to pursue a life with the least amount of pain and struggle.

Some Natural feelings I always enjoy are laughter, warmth from the sun and hugging. I also love the natural high I get from dancing or exercise, a dinner with friends and family and chocolate (any time of the month but especially during PMS).

For the past few years I have not been feeling or eating Naturally (always dieting ) and been beating myself up for a weight gain of 10 pounds since I quit smoking. I began dieting and then bingeing and it has been stressful and it must have screwed up my menstrual cycle. Last July I was diagnosed with Mild Hyperplasia without Atypia….which is an imbalance of hormones, I have low progesterone levels which makes PMS hell for me.

I knew something was up with my irregular cycle and moodiness and just not feeling right…and finally after being persistant my results showed that there was something physiologically wrong and that it wasn’t my lack of self control or will power all the time-the drop of “happy” hormones makes me depressed. Since August I began Hormonal Replacement Therapy by using progesterone cream half way through my cycle. My cycles are very different every month…It really bothers me and I become another person and feel out of sorts (restless, depressed, insatiable appetite,bloated etc).

All I want is to stay happy and fit.

I have a new perspective on my health, food  and body image and I am learning to deal with my hormone condition as Naturally as possible.  I will follow the Four Day Win book for guidance and read blogs for support and motivation, I believe inside me there is a person who can enjoy food and being physical (exercise) without the emotional attachment but just for some of life’s Natural pleasures.

Happy New Year and to new peace, joy and harmony….

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