Australian Healthy Blogging Conference 2010


In my crazy arse fantasy world where I have loads of money I have been planning a healthy blogging conference in 2010. The more I think about it, the more I want to do it for real.

Mission: To bring healthy lifestyle bloggers from all corners of Australia together for hands-on learning, rich discussions, inspiration, networking opportunities and personal growth.

Interest and Ideas

My question is … how could I make it spectacular, affordable and interesting so that people come?

So I need your help. Please leave me your ideas in the comments.

  • Location – what city (I can get a good deal on a particular venue I work at in Sydney)
  • Duration – one day, two days
  • Topics – nutrition, training, self esteem, motivation, spirituality
  • Speakers – do you have a topic that you would like to speak on
  • Format – talks, workshops, Q&As
  • Cost – what is a reasonable price
  • Social – cocktails, dinners, picnic, harbour cruise
  • Sponsors – does anyone work for a company that could be a potential sponsor
  • Date – any month better than others
  • Outcome – what would you like to get out of the day/weekend
  • Scale – should we start small – just a meet up before growing into a full scale conference
  • Would you contribute – design the logo, highlight it on your blog, put a poster up at the gym
  • Should it be women/bloggers only or open to the general public
  • Other events – is there another event we could piggyback off – Health and Fitness expo
  • Sanity – am I just nuts

If I don’t get any comments because everyone has gone to stake out their territory for the NYE fireworks, I’ll just go and shoot myself 🙂

Have a great night and see you next year ♥

→ photo : Nadya Peek

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