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This week I’ve been mostly publishing Episode Three of the Stages series.

When Sophie leaves Michael and chooses to live on her own, she only has one goal in mind — to sort out how she feels about Michael and James. But instead of her life becoming quieter, it only gets more complicated.

Trying to soothe her growing sense of loneliness, Sophie throws herself into the world of online dating. Her encounters leave her wondering what kind of relationship she is really looking for and if there is any man out there who can measure up to James.

And how is it that Michael knows everything she’s been doing … is he watching her?


Have you read Episode One yet? It doesn’t cost anything at all (except for Amazon but you can get a .mobi at Smashwords) …


Remember that if you leave a review for One, I’ll send you a coupon for a FREE Episode Two. Just send me a link to your review by email [katiep {at} gretelpark {dot}com]


Do you wonder where the name Gretel Park comes from? There’s an explanation on my About page.


Do you know any other authors who self-publish women’s fiction with mild erotica? I would love to find some other authors to read and hang out with.


I submitted three pieces to the University Anthology which gets printed in a real book, and launched at the Sydney Writers’ Festival every year. Two of my pieces are on the short list and have gone through the editing process. Fingers crossed that I get in…


I went back to work this week for the first time in three years. And yes, I remembered to wear pants.


I have catastrophic PMT. My period is overdue by a week. No, I’m not pregnant, I’m going through the change.


My friends Shelley and Emma are editing my books for me. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much my brain can dysfunction without me even noticing.

She put her iPod in her pocket and her earphones in her EYES.

Oh dear!

How was your week?


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