Twenty Fourteen

twenty fourteen

I hereby state my intentions for the New Year — 2014.

In twenty fourteen …

I am a prolific author, producing three full series (four to six novellas each) this year.

I am a successful author, reaching more than 300 readers a week.

I am prolific reader, reading at least 52 books this year.

I am a sought after teacher, delivering at least two classes a week.

I am financially successful, fully supporting myself through book sales and teaching revenue.

I am a sought after speaker, accepting at least three speaking engagements this year.

I am a treasured girlfriend, strengthening the emotional, physical and spiritual bonds with my boyfriend every day.

I am healthy, negotiating the transition to creative earth mother (menopause) with ease and delight.

I am inspired, growing closer to my inner wisdom and listening to the voice of divinity within me.

I am perfect, whole and complete.

What about you? Who are you in 2014?

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