Don’t Forget To Tell Them

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Christmas is the time when my in-box lights up with emails from men who want me to convince them NOT to end their lives. They have troubled relationships, financial difficulties, addictions, scars from abuse. I try hard t to say something that will make a difference, but I’m a stranger at the other end of the world.

This Christmas, please take a moment to tell your friends and family how you feel. Tell them you forgive them for their careless mistakes, tell them you love them even though they’ve relapsed for the ninth time.

Tell strangers in the supermarket whose trolley only contains orange juice and a frozen dinner that there is room at your table for them.

Give the homeless man on the street some money or some clothes or a giant hug.

Tell any human that crosses your path they are important, loved, valuable and special. Let them know the world would be a darker place without them. Help them find hope, help and healing.

We’re all part of this great big family — every single one of us. When you meet a member of your family this Christmas, don’t forget to tell them you love them.


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