The Heroine’s Journey

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I have been reading a book called 45 Master Characters by Victoria Schmidt which outlines the story arc of a female protagonist — the Heroine’s Journey. As I read about the path taken by women in traditional stories, mythology and fairy tales, I was struck by how our own lives follow this pattern.

The curious thing is that most of us don’t realise what true transformation entails.

We are living our lives, coping in the best way we can [the illusion of the perfect world], until something happens [the betrayal] which makes us realise what we’re doing isn’t working. We decide it is time to make changes [the awakening] and set about looking outside ourselves for ways to do things differently [preparing for the journey].

At this point, we expect to fast forward straight to enlightenment and a new life [the return to the perfect world] without any obstacles along the way. This happened in my own life when I decided to recover from my eating disorder and give up dieting.

What happens instead, is we embark on a journey we aren’t really expecting. Having let go of our old coping strategies, it starts to feel like everything is falling apart. All of our fears and insecurities loom larger than ever [the descent] and although there is some respite [the eye of the storm] there comes a point when we feel like complete failures and want to give up [all is lost].

It isn’t until that point that we are ready to reach out for the kind of help we need [support] and learn true acceptance and self-love.

These trials and tribulations lead to our transformation [rebirth] and equip us to face our old life in a new way [return to the perfect world] where the process begins all over again. It’s a circle of enlightenment after all.

I want to encourage you to remember that when everything turns to shit, there is light just up ahead. With the love of those around you and support from your higher self/god/the Universe you will make it.

Your transformation is within your grasp — don’t give up.

When things go bad, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong — it means you’re doing it right.

How is it for you?
When you decide to make changes, do things get worse before they get better?
Can you recognise yourself in the Heroine’s Journey?

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