I’m HOT [but not in a good way]

no sleep← This morning’s face and hair after no sleep last night.

The dreaded hot flushes are back. This is the third time I’ve been afflicted. The other two times they disappeared when my period came back.

The most annoying part is that I wake up covered in sweat at least three or four times a night. As a former EXPERT sleeper, who never stirred until morning, I am finding broken sleep challenging. I’m tired and grumpy all the time. And as for sex … I can’t stand Duckfish anywhere near me, because he’s too hot and because a hot flush in the middle of shenanigans spoils the mood somewhat.

The worst part is that I’m trying to figure out what limiting beliefs I’m holding on to that is making my hormones go crazy. My mother, bless her, keeps telling me she had no symptoms of menopause at all. Surely I’m spiritually evolved enough to let all this nonsense go?

Frankly, I feel like I’m going slowly mad. Dr Google tells me hot flushes can continue for up to ten years. By then, I’ll be a single, argumentative old cat lady because fuck knows no one is going to want to put up with me. I can barely stand myself.

So to all you lovely ladies out there who are going through the same kind of experience — what gives you relief? Are there any viable alternatives to HRT?


No seriously … HELP!


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7 thoughts on “I’m HOT [but not in a good way]

  1. Hi Katie …
    I am a huge advocate for naturopaths. At this stage, not for menopausal symptoms … but that’s definitely where I’ll be heading when the time comes.
    Three years ago, at the age of 43, I gave birth to my daughter. All the medical professionals I saw asked the same question … “Was this an ‘assisted’ conception?” … meaning IVF. I was assisted, yes. By a wonderful spiritual naturopath here in Perth who specialises in women’s health and fertility issues. My advice would definitely be to find someone similar where you are.
    HRT has many many issues surrounding it. I will be avoiding it completely.
    I did hear of a natural product the other day called ‘Climax’, of all things. I thought it was for libido boosting … but apparently not. It’s used for treating menopause. Not sure where to get it from … perhaps a naturopath? It’s expensive apparently … but very effective.
    I hope this helps.
    Good luck 🙂
    Jo @ BabbleOn City blog

  2. Katie,

    I don’t exactly know wha tyou are going through. So please excuse me. Even though I don’t know exactly what you are experiencing, I am a women with hormonal issues in my history AND I have deep information about the body that are both scientific and spiritual based. I see that you do too. May I offer this:
    Can you give up the struggle with your body? Can you see that your body is expressing itself and that isn’t a problem? Let her run her course. Let her be on fire & unfurl. Let your inner body transition, dance and be as it is without mental identificaiton from you. Maybe don’t judge yourself as less because you are experiencing this. “This” may be part of your ministry one day or it may be part of what heals you in some way. You never know. Take it as a gift. An act of love. LEt love fill your thinking, your mind and your relationship with your beautiful, capable body! 😉
    Also, check this out on Youtube: “Loving your lady parts as a path to success, power & global change: Alisa Vitti at TEDx

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