Monkey Madness

They say (who are They? I always wonder) that writing can be a spiritual practice, equal in terms of healing and finding peace to meditation. As I am totally crap at meditation, I’ve been trying to write every day. My scribbles are in notebooks, in various programs (750words, Penzu etc.) and in One Note. It has somehow escaped my notice that I have a perfectly good blog I could write my shit on if I didn’t worry about being profound every time I pulled up the “Add New Post” screen.

So … for the ten billionth time … I’m abandoning my essays on finding happiness and my updates about only the most significant things in my life and I’m going back to using this space as a journal.

Which means, dear reader, you are about to bombarded with posts about the small insignificant details of my not very interesting life. I know that this is more than likely certain death for my blog, but I don’t care. I’m a humble woman with a brain that never shuts up so I’m going to share whether you like it or not. (Unsubscribers — do your worst!)


What happens to my blog when I die? If I don’t keep renewing my domain name and paying my hosting service my blog will disappear or at least revert back to when it was hosted on WordPress. I guess if I’m dead I won’t care will I?


This afternoon I went to see Miss Supervisor about supervising my PhD next year. My appointment was a 2pm. She wasn’t in her office and she didn’t turn up during the half hour that I waited. Once I would have been horribly angry. Today, all I am worried about is that she doesn’t feel too bad for letting me down. At least I got dressed, did my hair and got out of the house. That in itself makes today a good day.


Last night I went down to the beach to take a photo of the full moon. It’s not actually a full moon until tonight but lucky I did because tonight the sky is full of clouds.


I love living here so much that it doesn’t matter that it’s a one hour bus trip to the city to see someone who doesn’t show up!


When Duckfish and I were in the city the other weekend, we went to a salon. He had his hair cut and then shouted me a cut and blowdry AND waited while I had it done. My hair is still the same length but has a few more face framing layers. No one has ever bought me a hairdo before. He’s a keeper that one.

Here’s a photo where my hair looks blue and my face looks weird …

Snapshot_20130722 (14)


(Do not read if you’re a man or don’t like TMI about lady bits)

My period arrived yesterday. Now I know that my menstruating days are numbered, I greet the “time of the month” with gratitude and appreciation. It turns out that what the doctors thought was a dodgy appendix at the end of April was actually a ruptured ovarian cyst. Thankfully, after a couple of months of stabbing abdominal and back pain and an unscheduled period in the middle of everything, things have gone back to normal. I am happy that my lady bits are working properly again, at least for the time being.


So …what’s up with you? Do you think about the future of your blog once you’re dead? Has someone stood you up? Did you see the full moon? Have you had a good hair day lately? How are your lady bits? Do you hate reading mundane shit on blogs?

Come on … spill it in the comments …

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7 thoughts on “Monkey Madness

  1. Hi Katie, I love reading this sort of stuff. No unsubscribing here, my friend. And in answer to your questions, I’m keen to update my blog. I’ve got a new title and an idea of where I want it to go. I just need to stop putting it off until …… whenever. Who cares about it when I’m dead. I don’t plan to be that for a long time LOL.

    Almost stood up in London but Peter’s cousin eventually arrived very late with a toddler that had thrown up on the tube ride to the zoo. Forgiven.

    I missed the full moon. Sad because I love staring at it. It’s absolutely therapeutic.

    My hairdresser made sure I had a good hair day for my party. God bless her she is priceless. And lady bits are all in good working order.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing all that.

    Xx m

    1. Don’t mind at all — I love it ♥
      I’ve been missing your blog, waiting patiently for updates on your trip and your birthday. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures. (You hair DID look fabulous on your FB photos)

  2. Katie, whilst I admire your writing and wish that I could capture the essence of things as well as you do, I began reading your blog because I was interested in the person behind it.

      1. I know that I grow weary of blogging if I have to do it for someone else. I’ve gone all very “fu*k it” all of a sudden. Don’t want my blog to be a “brand” writing for an “audience” – which is why I think I may split it in two.

  3. Posted half way through my comment. Don’t know what happens to blogs when you die. Hell knows, they’ll get a boring lot of dribble if they discover mine. I often think of having two blogs – the blue sky screaming fantasy and the one for the sensible shoes 🙂
    Keep writing Katie. I have gratitude for lady parts that work too!

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