Singing for his Nan

Christopher Maloney wanted to sing. For five years he filled out the application form for Britain’s X-Factor and each time he tore it up. Other people told him not to do it. They told him he wasn’t good enough, that he would embarrass himself.

On the day when he finally stood on the stage he was so nervous he could barely speak let alone sing. The voices of those people who told him he couldn’t sing kept shouting in his head.

‘Who are you singing for?’ asked one of the judges. Watch what happens (around the two-minute mark).

Click here to see the embedded video

Christopher forgets to think about himself and thinks about someone else. He takes the focus from inside his own head to the love he has for his Nan. He stops trying to move away from his fear and moves towards the person he loves the most. His nerves soften and he sings from his heart.

This is the secret to happiness. We spend too much time reframing our thoughts, fixing our flaws or overcoming our negative emotions. All we need to do is connect with someone or something outside of ourselves that we love.

What can you do to move towards what you love today? 

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