The results are in

Dear Katie
I have now read the manuscript and must let you know that unfortunately I’m going to pass.

So this time it didn’t work out.

Once, I would have been reduced to a blubbery mess, but strangely I don’t seem to mind.

I have my full manuscript with another agency so maybe that one will work out. Maybe it won’t.


In other news, last night I was presented with this.


Kind of ironic really …

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6 thoughts on “The results are in

  1. Congratulations on the Outstanding Student award Katie! Don’t worry about the manuscript rejection. The Universe has something bigger and better coming your way 🙂 believe in it.

    Much love,


  2. Katie, I feel for you re: the agent rejection, I have been there many times over the past year. It always sucks. But keep trying, if you really believe in your book and truly believe it is publishable, someone else will eventually think so too. And if you get any actual useable feedback from agents (ie: a bit of detail about what they didn’t think worked, etc) then do take it on board. Admittedly not every opinion passed on your work will be right, but for the most part these people know what they’re talking about. I was rejected by one agent who is still in touch and wants to see a revised manuscript – she gave me so much detailed feedback on the book and based on a few suggestions I have now changed some things and think the book works so much better. It will all happen as it is meant to happen! Keep going and keep believing in yourself and most importantly keep writing!! xx

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