The Story of My Life [Blog Every Day in May]

Blogging every day in May is a lofty goal, which I may or may not achieve. Who cares — the fun is in the attempt and my blog has been neglected for way too long. Be warned though — I might break the rules.

► Today’s prompt (found at The Story of My Life) is the story of my life in 250 words.

Minty was the first cat I can remember from my childhood. She was mostly deaf as is often the case with white cats. I can’t remember why my mother had her put down. I can remember that it took almost a week for my brother and me to notice.

Blackie was my mother’s cat. From when she was a kitten, Blackie used to lay across my mother’s shoulders while she washed the dishes. Blackie got hit by a car. ‘She was too trusting,’ my mother said.

Jack and I only went to the animal shelter to look. It was before we were married. We came home with Rex — abandoned because he was too aggressive. Rex was never aggressive with us. His ears used to prick up when he heard a baby cry. Rex got killed by a car when our marriage was less than a year old. I cried so much I couldn’t go to work for two days.

Misty, Pumpkin and Guido came and went throughout our marriage. Misty got re-homed when we moved cities, Pumpkin went to live on a farm and Guido grew so old and sick we had him put down.

Izzy, the last cat, ended up leaving us. One day she just never came home. It was a few weeks before I moved out. Perhaps she knew what was coming…

I miss having a furry ball of love sitting on my lap during the cold winter months and snaking through my legs first thing in the morning. But I know taking on a cat means that one day it will die or leave.

And I’m not ready for any more of that.


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5 thoughts on “The Story of My Life [Blog Every Day in May]

  1. Yay! She blogs again :).

    You have owned some kitty’s haven’t you but the only one I knew was Izzy. And she was an amazing cat, stepping on the scales, eating your egg yolks, and leaving her fur all over the place.

    Loved your story. Looking forward to more.

    And ps we love rule breakers ;).

  2. Rules are for breaking aren’t they?

    Another reason I love you – you’re a cat lover. My puddy cat Kiaya, which means forgiveness in Japanese, is the most forgiving animal I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with. Ironically, she was given to me by my ex, in attempt to “fix” things. Didn’t fix the relationship, but I am able to keep my focus on the child we created together, which means that we are amicable with each other. That kitten picked me… To teach me forgiveness.

    Glad you’re taking part in this. Like you I will break the rules no doubt. 😉

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