Fit for Life


After four days of excruciating back pain I went to the doctor. She sent me to the hospital. Yesterday afternoon I had my appendix taken out under general anaesthetic.

At 9am this morning they discharged me saying they had never seen anyone who looked so healthy after an operation. I had to speak to the pharmacist to confirm that I don’t take any medication at all in my everyday life because she thought it was a mistake.

I think the Universe knew a health challenge was coming so it prompted me to go to Bikram yoga to get fitter. After a couple of months in the hot room, I have strong stomach muscles, a centred mind, my sore shoulder is completely better and I don’t have obese levels of belly fat covering my organs. The discharging nurse said I was ‘fit’ for my age.

Being fit isn’t always about lifting the heaviest, running the fastest or being the leanest on stage. Being fit can mean being healthy enough to go through any physical or emotional challenge that everyday life brings your way without falling apart.

I’m glad that I’m fit for life.

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4 thoughts on “Fit for Life

  1. Yay for being fit and healthy! Stories of appendix removal always make me think of Madeline, gotta say heh. And boy, you sure are tan! It’s just starting to warm up here, I was only today able to go sleeveless outside while working on my bicycle. I’m so excited for the warm weather and letting all my pale skin get some sunshine. Maybe I’ll finally get the gumption up and check out some instructional videos and try my hand (or body I should say) at a little bit of yoga soon. And if I say that enough times, it should eventually happen 😛

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