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The Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham state that what gets most of your attention will attract more of the same. But is it enough to sit around thinking about getting wealthy and expect the money to come flooding down the chimney without doing anything? Is it enough to sit around imagining my wonderful evolved future Katie and then expect to wake up one morning to the perfect body without doing anything? Do I have to figure out the how of our transformation and then get to it?

It’s Been Driving Me Crazy

In order to work the Law of Attraction I have to stay in a good feeling state. Yet when I contemplated all the old tried and true ways of losing weight (calorie restriction and exercise OCD) I felt worse not better. All I could think of was the hunger, the cold, the depression and the inevitable binges. I couldn’t find very many actions I could take that would give me relief.

In the same way that wealth flows into your life through being paid for doing something you already do for free, selling your crap for outrageous prices on eBay, or discovering money at the bottom of the pool I have been looking for inspired action ~ an easy and fun way to get lean, fit and healthy without the usual stress and struggle.

The Still Small Voice and Synchronicity

Now this is very convoluted so stick with me …

  1. Jen at PriorFatGirl did an exposed post and has sent tons of new visitors to my site. I checked out her blog and loved it so I subscribed.
  2. Then she posted that she was starting an online book club with the book “The Complete Beck Diet for Life” by Judith Beck
  3. I thought about joining the book club, dismissed it, saw a reference to the same book somewhere else and then decided to listen to the still small voice.
  4. I went looking for the book on my bookshelves but instead of finding the wrong Judith Beck book (I’ve got “The Beck Diet Solution”) I picked up the other Beck diet book  I have called “The 4-Day Win” by Martha Beck
  5. I decided to flick through it just before I went to bed on Christmas Eve, and three hours later, I had read the whole book (fairly superficially). It was exactly what I was looking for. It made perfect sense and gave me enormous relief
  6. I finally went to bed and after a couple of hours woke up, got up and started to read again from the beginning (properly this time). Better feeling thoughts and a bubbling of joy started busting out of my brain and my heart.

New Year’s Evolution

It is the last hurrah of 2009 and in the past this has been a time of reflection on the year that’s been and a time to set great big scary goals for the next year. Not this year, my friends, not in this corner of blogsville.

There will be no number of days until … countdown, there will be no kgs targeted to lose and there will be no starving/bingeing. What there will be is a raw, open and honest exploration into my psyche to uncover and reprogram the wonky computer software in my head.

There will be notes, tables, checklists and mindmaps because you know that’s how I roll. There will be phrases like body whispering, famine brain, the watcher, the dictator and the wild child that you will get tired of hearing. But best of all there will be a permanent, natural, and enjoyable transformation that will take place before your eyes.

Come along for the wild ride … I am so excited!! I am taking inspired action.

Reviews for the 4-Day Win

  • It definitely isn’t the same old plate of beans–put your fork down after every bite! Use a smaller plate! Instead, it explains the latest findings in brain research, and how we’re hard-wired to respond to dieting the way our ancient selves responded to any other kind of stress–by storing fat. No wonder the usual dieting always fails. Martha shows you how to “retrain your brain” with different exercises that won’t make your body go into that stress response. She teaches you how to talk back to those voices in your head–the Dictator (“You WILL lose weight!”) and the Wild Child (“Yeah, MAKE me!”). She shows you how to SIN (substitute inedible nourishment), so that every time you don’t eat, you have to do something else small and nice for yourself, so losing weight doesn’t feel like punishment. I’ve never seen this kind of advice anywhere. Plus the book is really, really funny.
  • I’ve never written a book review before, but this book has seriously changed my life — and I’ve never had reason to say that. As silly as this may sound to some, I can now keep cookies and ice cream in my house until they go stale. I eat only when I want to, where I want to and whatever I happen to feel like eating — no restrictions at all, only sanity. I have reached my goal for the first time in my entire 55 years on this planet without dieting, without binging, without ANY food-frantic behaviors. In fact, I now have to remind myself to eat at all; I am too busy being happy.

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