Bikram Yoga #11

I didn’t want to go to yoga yesterday. I almost didn’t. But as always, I’m glad I did.

I was a bit exhausted to tell the truth, and my spine felt like it had been bent over backwards. Hang on — it had!

I asked the owner of the studio about electrolytes. Yogis say that with all the sweating you do in Bikram Yoga you need to replace potassium, sodium, calcium and some other -iums. The owner thought I was tired and sore because I’ve got an electrolyte deficiency. I guess Diet Coke doesn’t cut it as a post workout drink…

Even though I struggled in the second half of class, What do you mean we’re only half way through, I don’t want to do all these stupid lying down poses, I managed a full class. In yesterday’s first, I managed to glimpse my toe above my head in Standing Bow before I fell over, again and again.

Afterwards I bought a coconut milk and drank it before I went home and I’m feeling better. There might be something to this electrolyte thing after all.

gym clothes

Today I went to buy some more yoga gear. Some more shorts and crop tops that aren’t entirely black. It’s too hot to wear 3/4 pants and singlets. There is only one thing you need to know about buying gym tights – GUSSET people, gusset!

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3 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga #11

  1. well done for going Katie!!
    Ill make you LOL now………Guess what I wore?
    Long baggy pants!, crop top with a singlet over! Yep I couldn’t lift my legs up as my pants were sooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaakkkking and so heavy!!
    Thanks for the tip for reloading the body with what we lose………..Magnesium is another really important one.
    Keep updating us with your journey. xx

    1. Oh no … soggy long pants would have been terrible. I’m past the point where I care what other people think about getting my belly and legs out. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having no clothes on at all! [I will suppress the urge to be naked]
      Congratulations on your first class. The hardest one is D.O.N.E. 😀

  2. ..and where do you find a good gusset??
    Just wondering like… I need a good gusset more than anything now with the ravages of time making their presence felt..

    Haven’t done yoga since the sound of my crying baby ruined my concentration many, many moons ago. I used to be a devotee way back then but being able to hear my baby cry from the floor below [childcare] made it impossible to concentrate. I became progressively lest flexible / fit.

    Reading your posts is kindling the fire in the belly to get out and tackle the poses (that I was once so good at) once again. I’ve never let breathing and meditation totally escape but it would be really good to unite the 3 again. You are reminding me what I am missing..

    I met a man a few weeks ago that hasn’t missed a single days practice in 40 years… rain, hail, shine.. no matter what corner of the globe he is in. High above the the rooftops overlooking Manhattan at the end of last year is high on the list of one of his most moving experiences. As you could well imagine. Very different to downtown Melbourne..

    BTW..he was testament to the benefits…

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