Bikram Yoga #10, V-Day & the Bike

I always get nervous before I go to Bikram Yoga class. I wonder if I’ve had enough water, if my lunch has been digested and if I’ll make it there in one piece. I ride my bike to yoga and it’s downhill all the way (which means uphill all the way home). I’m very naughty and don’t wear a helmet. I pray I don’t fall off and crack my skull, ribs or front teeth.


I had a great class today with Lena and did all the poses strongly right until the end. My first for today was I stayed in Camel for the whole time and didn’t wig out by coming out early.

My beautiful boyfriend sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day. Red roses of course. I love him so much and thank the Universe every single day that we found each other.

flowers 1

And for a laugh, here is what I look like after sweating in the hot room for 90 minutes and then after a shower and a blow dry.

before and after

I was procrastinating writing so I designed a new header for my Facebook page. What do you think?

peace love yoga

Namaste, Happy V-Day and happy cycling!

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4 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga #10, V-Day & the Bike

  1. Love your bike. I can so imagine a baguette in the basket ;).

    Love your flowers. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady :).

    Love your sweaty head. Sweat suits you :).

    Love your facebook header. I wear those symbols everyday. My peace sign on my ankle, my heart on my hand, and my om on my necklace.

    I’ve been thinking for a couple of months now of having the yin/yang and om tattooed. One day, maybe!

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