Bikram Yoga #3 – #9 — My Ten Day Yoga Experience

bow2This afternoon I will attend my ninth Bikram Yoga class in ten days. This experience has been life changing. Here are the things that have changed.

  1. I’ve lost weight (about 1.5kg) and my body is smaller and tighter
  2. My wrinkles have softened because my skin is so hydrated
  3. The pain in my rotator cuff is around 20% of what it used to be
  4. All the nicks, scratches and scabs on my skin have healed
  5. I’m regular at least once a day (sometimes twice)
  6. I can ride my bike half way up the hill before I have to get off (I used to push it the entire way)
  7. I don’t care if people see me in shorts and a sports bra
  8. The heat in the room doesn’t bother me at all now. I rarely even think about it being hot
  9. If I push 100% in a class I wear myself out and I’m shattered afterwards. Working at about 70% means I get through all the poses and I’m energised for the rest of the day
  10. I need food in my belly before I go so morning classes aren’t good for me
  11. The hardest part is turning off monkey mind and staying in the moment
  12. You never know what kind of a class you’ll have. It makes me want to keep going back because today might be the day when I fucking smash it!
  13. It takes more guts to sit down and rest than to keep going
  14. Metal water bottles heat up and boil your water (not recommended)
  15. The final savasana is total bliss. I stay there as long as I can
  16. I’m sleeping better
  17. My normal body temperature seems higher — I’m not cold all the time
  18. I love it (except when I don’t) and I’m going to keep going to class at least 4 times a week.

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3 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga #3 – #9 — My Ten Day Yoga Experience

  1. That’s great that you are enjoying with it and that you plan to stick to it. I’ve contemplated starting yoga of some sort on a few occasions, and shamefully enough the largest hurdle is the fact I’d have to wear pants, I’m still not 100% comfortable with that yet hah. I’m walking much less now though, and I feel like I need some sort of social outside-my-apartment stress relief other than my once-weekly belly dance class so perhaps this year will be the year I finally get my butt in gear and give things a try.

  2. Ceylnne… Katie is right… I wouldn’t do anything if I worried about how I looked.
    95.. or is it 99% of the people don’t notice and don’t care… those that do REALLY need to get a life and who cares what they think.. I don’t. I only care about what people that I respect, like & admire Katie here.. the rest don’t matter.

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