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Many people in my social media circles are fitness fanatics. They haul themselves out of bed at ‘it’s still dark’ o’clock to get in their exercise session each day. I imagine they would prefer to stay in bed but their dedication to a healthy body trumps their desire to stay warm and cosy. Everyone reports they feel so much better afterwards — somehow the sacrifice is worth the pay off.

It also strikes me that the more people exercise the more they want to. Taking time off is a risk because once you stop working out, it’s hard to start again.

Exercise is a lot like sex.

It might come as a shock to you but I don’t always feel like sex. Sometimes I’d rather watch a movie, read a book, or go to sleep/stay asleep. But I know I’ll always feel better afterwards — oh my god, so much better!

Sex is the glue that keeps lovers together — it floods us with hormones which make love and kindness ooze from our pores. If I want a healthy relationship, I need to make sure there is enough sexy time.

I would love to see an app, or a star chart, or a forum dedicated to encouraging people to have more sex. Instead of reading Facebook updates about how many miles someone ran, I’d rather see an update about how many orgasms they had. Perhaps a 30 day challenge asking women to have sex with their partners 30 days in a row?

Sex is just as important for your physical health as lifting weights and cardio.

Try some sexercise this week (even if you’re not in the mood to start with) … remember you’ll feel so much better afterwards and the more you do it the more you’ll want it.

As Nike says — JUST DO IT ♥

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15 thoughts on “Sexercise

    1. My advice would be go straight for his nether regions when he least expects it (just as he’s falling asleep). Men’s anatomy overrides their brains in my experience 😉

  1. Katie I have a story to tell… my research, self education healing journey I have been on has been extraordinary.. not sure if I am done yet and just ready to step back and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

    What do you know about Sexological Bodyworkers?
    Have a good friend who is about to have his final case sessions approved.
    He rang last night for a comment from me on our last session so I sent him a detailed report.. he has never read anything that I’ve written before..
    Think he was a little taken aback… commented that “I made it sound like he knows what he is doing..”

    In fact he does. He is the only person that I have discussed the ramifications of my childhood abuse on every sexual relationship I have had. He has taken me so far out of my comfort zone in a safe environment that torrents of feelings & emotions have been released.. Things that have been buried for 50 years.. I’m not sure that I am WHOLE yet but I am a hell of a lot closer than I have ever been in my life. It is good… seriously good..

    1. Roma, it’s wonderful to hear you’re on a healing journey. I don’t know that we ever get done but we do get better. Thank you for sharing your experience here ♥

  2. I agree with you on all counts Katie. If you’re in a relationship it is important and does help you to bond. Plus the more you do it, the more desire you feel (and this is important to note, coming from a background of a moderately low libido).

  3. Great post! But for some people it’s a long forgotten memory ………. we don’t have the opportunity as we don’t have a partner. And after three years, it all gets a bit boring and sometimes makes me very sad. But life goes on.

    I exercise because I’m fat and I don’t want to be fat any more. But I don’t exercise like a maniac. I love lifting weights and I never want to get osteoporosis. I do some intervals on the treadmill with the late great Sean O’Malley and walk my dog. Most importantly I’m not on a diet.

    1. Can I butt in Katie? Thanks ;).

      Hey Erika

      “I exercise because I’m fat and I don’t want to be fat any more.” Ouch!

      Let go of the fat loss mindset. Focus on performance. The value of your workout is not determined by how tired you are afterwards, or even how sore you are the next day. Don’t train for fatigue and utter exhaustion. Use compound exercises that recruit the most muscle mass possible and allow you to lift heavy weight. Don’t waste your time with isolation exercises like bicep curls and lateral raises. Place nutrition first, and put effort into your strength training sessions; that’s where the majority of your fat loss results will come from. Don’t fall victim into thinking you’re required to spend hours a week on a machine plodding along. Feel free to incorporate some brisk walking into the mix a few days a week. Or, some higher intensity stuff like sprints. Train because it makes you feel great. Allow fat loss to become a wonderful side effect from your training.

      Even though you don’t have a partner perhaps you could create a sex life for yourself, with yourself? X-rated movies, toys, etc? A male escort may be an option? I’d lend you my husband if he wasn’t too worn out from me LOL!

    2. I agree with Shelley’s comments about exercising for the joy of it — if you’ve found something you love, then keep doing it.

      And there is nothing wrong with indulging in a bit (a lot) of self-pleasure 😀

      1. God luv you both!!!! I am doing exactly what you are saying Shelley and loving every minute. I walk my newly inherited dog, lift heavy things – yes lots of compound weights. I certainly don’t do hours of cardio, never did – just some HIIT. I eat when I’m hungry, and eat mindfully. My ‘diet’ doesn’t rule my life, and I don’t ‘diet’. “Fat is not who I am”, but I am fat. And yes by not thinking about the fat loss mindset, the fat that has enveloped me and protected my has served it’s purpose, but is now disappearing. I’m letting it go, I don’t need it any more. So, sorry I probably gave the wrong mpression. Exercise does make me feel great.
        On the other, well… how can I say…. I do okay….. without anyone!!!! I think my point was that I would get a lot more special exercise if I had a partner, but I don’t have one so I can’t use that as part of my exercise program! Thanks ladies!!!

        1. “The words “I am…” are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you’re claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.” —A.L. Kitselman
          You might have some extra fat cells but it might be an idea to stop saying ‘I am fat’ because the Universe will keep creating what you say.
          ‘I am grateful that the cells in my body align themselves with my ideal shape and size,’ is a better affirmation to support your intention to get fit and healthy. ♥

  4. Katie, that is why you are my hero.
    “‘I am grateful that the cells in my body align themselves with my ideal shape and size,’
    I have slipped out of this way of thinking. Thank you for the reminder. Exxx

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