One Word for 2013 : Enthusiasm

One Word 2013 : EnthusiasmIt has been a couple of years since I’ve chosen a word for the New Year. My first was Authenticity for 2010 which brought about changes in my life I could never have anticipated.

For 2011 I chose Power as my word. 2012 arrived and I didn’t decide on anything (which was a choice in itself).

I have chosen Enthusiasm for 2013.

The true meaning of the word enthusiasm comes from the root word entheos, which means having the God (theos) within. A life fully lived is one illuminated by the divine spark within oneself. And that God, who is also mortal, is within each of us. ~ Phyllis Curott

In 2013 I will soften my reliance on my mind and lean into the wisdom of my soul, my intuition and my divinity.

I will get out of my own way and allow what lies beneath to surface.

Enthusiasm is divine inspiration — inhaling the magic of the Universe and exhaling creativity and insight.

I’m ready.

What is YOUR word for 2013?

Art: Dawn by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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4 thoughts on “One Word for 2013 : Enthusiasm

  1. Katie, I LOVE THIS.
    One word for the year is an excellent way to do it!!
    Can mine be Awesome?? 🙂
    Awesome – adj
    1. inspiring or displaying awe
    2. slang – excellent or outstanding

  2. Oh my goodness this is crazy but I have been picking word(s) for myself each year since 2009 describing what each will mean to me for year. It must be destiny to find your blog. My words for 2013 are LOVE & HEALTH as I will be bringing love to all aspects of my worlds and health to really take charge of inner needs as I grow mentally and physically. This is beautiful, Thank you for sharing 🙂

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