My period has disappeared again. It happened once before for three months and then it came back. I know it isn’t coming back any time soon because my boobs aren’t sore (PMT). But it seems that the price of smaller, happier breasts is the dreaded hot flushes.

It is hard to explain how weird a hot flush is. It is not just feeling hot, it is more like the light-headed nauseous feeling you get just before you faint or throw up. My skin breaks out in cold clammy sweat.

It is worse at night because I wake up every couple of hours in a pool of perspiration. I have set up a fan on the windowsill that directs cool air on me all night. Poor Duckfish has to put up with me pushing him off me when one hits.

On the positive side, I’m looking at all this sweating as a mandatory workout. Anything that gets a ‘sweat on’ counts as cardio, right?


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  1. I keep hoping that science will have somehow solved this uncomfortable biological process by the time I reach an age where that’s of concern to me. Either way, I think I would probably still rather be hot and clammy and without a period hah.

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