This week, while Duckfish was in NZ, I went shopping for summer clothes. With a few tops, a pair of shorts and a skirt I put together three outfits that can mix and match.

swing top and shortssomehow I’ve turned into a hippy

stripes and skirtclassic navy and white never gets old

tie dye and skirtstill funky after all these years

I am still amazed when a size twelve is too big. Both the skirt and the shorts were a size ten and the tops were small. The shorts are so comfortable, I have worn them every day. There is nothing better than having clothes that fit and make you feel sexy. Now hurry up Duckfish and come home!

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4 thoughts on “Summertime

    1. I got the denim shorts ($14) from the Millers (the old ladies shop), the skirt ($25) from Suzanne Grae, the navy top ($15) from Just Jeans and the swing tops ($15) and t-shirts ($12) from Supre (they are not exactly the same as in the pictures but close enough). The shoes/accessories I already have some version of.

  1. Nice! Enjoy them…and your summer. We are just about to hit Winter here in the US and I live in an area where it does get cold. It’s been pretty mild but I’m sure there’s plenty of cold and maybe even snow still in store.

    I will need that stuff in about five months though. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all the cute and sexy.

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