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It’s Thursday afternoon and I’ve written nothing at all this week. No writing practice, no blog post, no words for my memoir. I’m stuck.

Instead of writing I’ve mopped the kitchen floor, watched twenty-three episodes of The Voice, read two books and half of three others (and lost interest), drooled over our new one thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and waited for something, anything to inspire me.

It’s not as though I’m on a tricky part, I’m actually writing about an enjoyable part of the story. It’s the bit about my relationship with the man I was with before I met Duckfish. I’m beginning to think that the hardest thing to write about is sex.

It’s either too pornographic or too cliché. Throbbing penises or throbbing hearts. I can’t find the words to say how it felt. Which is weird, because if you were to ask me what I know a great deal about, I would say sex. And not just ordinary anatomical sex, but tender, passionate, mind-blowing, enlightening, sacred sex.

And still I’m blocked and resistant to even trying. I’m frustrated and confused.

Maybe I should just fade to black like they do in the movies ~ “And then we had sex…”


What are some of your favourite sex scenes in books? Do you want to know all the details or have it left up to your imagination? How would YOU describe great sex?

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9 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. *laughing* sorry, fades to black “And then we had sex.”

    Don’t think I’m much help but what did he smell like, taste like, feel like? What did you think when you looked into his eyes?

    Always end with OMFG!! LOL

  2. I hadn’t read your blog in a while becuase I haven’t read many blogs at all in a while. But I read this one today-and it struck me because I just watched an older movie this weekend (not that old-91, but seems maybe it is…21 years, is that old? dang!) Anyway…the movie was Point Break..Keanu Reeves and Patarick Swayze. And there is a scene which got me thinking “what a nice sexy scene” it’s between Keanu and Lori Petty. It’s so nice and mellow…they are on surf boards and wet from surfing, of course, and she gently caresses his face noticing he’s “happy” and not stressed and he finally says “come here” and they kiss and they just show the boards from under the water then next thing it’s morning and they are wrapped in each other’s arms on the beach, at dawn.

    I loved that. It was so nice to NOT see anything…of course this is a movie-but same concept for me. I don’t want to see (or read about) flesh smacking flesh and everything else that goes with that, I liked the nice gentle kissing and the rest left to the imagination. It was nice.

    So there ya go, my 2 cents worth. 🙂

  3. That’s perfect Raechelle.

    Katie, do you think you’re blocked or resistant to writing? Perhaps you feel that you’d be being unfaithful at this point with your current love if you go back and ‘relive’ that part of your relationship with the other from the past.

    Just some food for thought, whether you use Raechelle’s awesome idea or not.


    1. Thanks Laura – your comment is insightful. While I don’t think it applies to my situation, it has got me thinking about what it means to be faithful …

      1. Good lord; how many times did I say “nice” up there? ….lol
        Intersting point about the possible feelings of being unfaithful to the current love.

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